Different burger toppings doll up the burger in another way. On this earth, who can like a simple burger? 

No one for sure! I have come up with the best burger toppings ideas you should try. The variation in toppings makes the burger even more gourmet and rich in taste. 

Let’s not waste more time in jump into the insanely delicious burger toppings you must try:

  1. Cheese

Who can dare to ignore the yummy presence of cheese? It is an essential item in burgers. Adding cheese in any form, such as Swiss cheese, creamy provolone cheese, or a slice of cheese in burgers, literally makes it a heavenly delight.

2. Onions

Handy and infinitely delicious onion topping is a zealous addition to burgers. All you need is a thin fresh, and crunchy onion kick on a juicy meaty patty. Fried onion is always a way! Go for it.

3. Bacon

Bacon hikes up the savory flavor of the burger. Adorn your burger with a salty and chubby strip of bacon and enjoy the extreme relish of a burger.

4. Condiments

Condiments are the ultimate bliss in burgers. The amount of zeal and moisture they add to the burger is above and beyond.

5. Lettuce

Crunchy lettuce brings extraordinary flavor to the burger, and lettuce topping in the burger gives you a simpler yet crispier munch.

6. Fried Egg

I always love to have fried egg topping in my burger though some people find it hard to tackle this squashy yolk.

7. Pineapple

You need to get the sweet tropical feel of pineapple topping in your burger. Especially in the summer, it would give you a cool and refreshing feeling.

8. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are controversial, I admit! As to some, they are no less than a tasteless, rubbery ingredient. Some love to have mushrooms as a topping, especially when they are nicely grilled and sautéed.

9. Coleslaw

Try a bit of tangy munch of coleslaw in your burger and feel revitalized and recharged! It turns a simple boring burger into a yummier one.

10. Avocados

Avocado gives you a buttery velvety zeal. It’s not just healthy; instead, it is full of taste. For the last few years, avocado topping in burgers has been in high demand.

11. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter goes perfectly with bacon; don’t waste your time imagining it; give it a try, and you will love to continue this ritual again.

12. Chilies

The majority of people love to grab chilies as the spicy touch enhances the flavor. It doesn’t just please your taste buds but also keeps your metabolism happy and sound. Whether you opt for green chilies or jalapenos, pepperoni will bring divine zest to your burgers.

13. Pickles

The essence of taste remains incomplete with pickle toppings as it offers an extra amount of zeal with sweet and sour flavors.

14. Kebab Burger

The juicier kebab topping adds beauty to your burger. Kebab topping goes best with onions and peppers. 

Head to your favorite snack bar, Mark’s kitchen, and order your desired beef, chicken grilled, and cheese burger with your preferred topping.


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