Who can dare to deny the importance of pakoras? The appetite for pakoras never goes out of fashion; it’s the favorite evening snack taken with a brewing cup of tea. If rain falls then it becomes one of the most essential snacks to enjoy. Now it’s the month of Ramazan and all kinds of pakoras are all set to flaunt the Ramadan daster-khuwan.

If I say that pakora can be called our national snack then there will be nothing wrong I guess! Now take a look below and see how many types of pakoras you can try in this holy month of Ramazan.

Cheese pakora

Cheese pakora will be the ultimate treat to try. The batter for cheese pakora is almost the same as it is for the standard pakoras, all you need to add is the cheese. After the addition of cheese, it is deep-fried until they turn crispy.

Chicken Pakora

Tiny chicken chunks are added to the standard batter and they are fried nicely in boiling oil. It’s a sure bet that you would find them as tastier as chicken pop-corn in any restaurant.

 Potato Stuffed bread pakora

One of the famous kinds of pakoras made with bread and potato is stuffed in it. It is something more than a snack because after noshing on fewer.

Green chili Pakora

Spice lovers are going to love this green chili pakora. This particular type of pakora is effortlessly sizzling. The aroma that arises when the green chili coated with batter dives into hot oil is just exotic.

Chinese pakora

 Chinese pakora is one of my all-time favorites! It is light not so crispy yet it offers a great deal of zeal and zest. These tiny crunchy fried fritters adorn the table beautifully. The chopped vegetables especially the cabbage creates the magic that turns the taste buds go crazier.

If you are not in the mood of getting tired and don’t want any sweat then not worry. Sit back relax and order your iftari along with your favorite pakoras from Mark’s kitchen restaurant. The iftar platter of Mark’s kitchen has so much to offer including lip-smacking pakoras!


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