Winter season has finally come; homes and markets are adorned with all the razzle-dazzle of winter stuff. 

From sweaters and shawls to soup and steaks, the reception of winter is at its peak. I have come up with a handful of delectable yet nutritious eatables you should try to raise the heat. 

Ginger Tea

Brewing a cup of ginger tea on cold nights is an absolute delight. It is good for your digestive system and gives your body exceptional warmth in cold weather. 


Porridge is one of the healthiest and warming meals you can have in any season. Porridge oats are highly recommended as they are the most satisfying combination with gigantic oats; enjoy the nutty flavor!

Kashmiri Chai

As the season of an actual nip in the air has come, hot beverages are in demand now. Kashmiri chai becomes the flavor of the month in winter. 

It is called ‘Gulabi chai because of its beautiful pinkish color and creamy look. Many people love to deck it with crushed pistachio and almonds. This warm pink cup of Chai promises to provide you with a great respite. 


Chilly winter nights demand hot saucy BBQ wings. The aroma of charcoal on sizzling BBQ wings is a savory treat you can give to yourself. 

Hot and sour soup

Is there anything more satisfying than a bowl of hot and sapid hot and sour soup on a cool winter night? This is one of the most-wanted and popular soups taken globally with great zeal and zest. 

Dry Fruits 

What’s the point of having pockets in your hoody or jacket if they aren’t carrying any dry fruits in it? It contains antioxidant properties that help keep your body warm and snug. So have some handfuls of walnuts, almonds, and peanuts. 

 Boiled eggs

Boiled eggs are beneficial in all seasons, but in winter, it is a bounty. It is good for your health, and above all, it keeps your body comfy and cozy. 

Mushroom volcano burger

As the name indicates, the volcano burger is a burst of flavorsome mushroom sauce. Bite it once, and then you will be unstoppable—a hot munch to raise your temperature. 


The first winter breeze is the spur of the moment for you to get adventurous with meals. Chicken and beef steak is what you need to grab to celebrate the winter fun. Enjoy the T-Bone steak with pan-fried vegetables and a hotter, tender mashed potato. 

There is so much more to tickle your taste buds; visit your nearest fast food restaurant and snack bar-Mark’s kitchen, which has all the gourmet food you will be looking for!


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