Thanks to the fast food industry’s evolution and its prevalence, we have a laundry list of classy fast food restaurants besides McDonald’s and KFC. In Lahore alone, several spots serve mouth-watering burgers and other food items. Those who get hunger pangs for burgers will be delighted to know as I have come up with a list of the best burgers in Lahore; well, there are many, and I have to shortlist and give you the names I visited several times with my family and friends.

Best of all, burgers in Lahore 

Smash (Location: Phase 2 DHA, Bagh Ali road)

Smash started humbly and periodically met with rip-roaring success. Today it is known as one of the most delicious burger suppliers. Its beef patty burger sells like hotcakes on daily bases. For satiating your burger pangs, you can give it a try for sure.

Johnny & jugnu (Location: Bahria town, DHA phase 6)

Johnny and Jugnu claim to serve an unconventional taste of burgers and maintain premium quality perfectly. It has been garnering appreciation because of the exceptional taste of food. Its chicken burgers are incredibly savory. 

BAE (Location: DHA phase 3)

It is yet another excellent place to delve into the tender buns and juicy patties. BAE offers impeccable and irresistible zeal for burgers. Their menu boggles your mind as it comprises many other food items too. I recommend you to grab its Peri Peri blast as it is meaty and delicious beyond your expectation.

Amavi (Location: MM Alam road)

People refrain from binge eating and fast food because they fear violating their diet plan. This place is precisely for you to have a safe landing. Yes, here you can it back, relax, and munch a Keto burger. You will enjoy every bite fearlessly as they serve patty on keto buns! Get it!

Pasta La Vista (Location: DHA, phase 2)

I know your mind is tossing on the thoughts’ only pasta’? Get the jitters; it’s not about just pasta. Here you will be able to discover an array of scrumptious food items, including finger-licking burgers. I would suggest you to hands-down on its beef burgers!

Big MOE (Location: Emporium Mall)

Big Moe offers a big beast of a burger that drives your taste buds crazy. I don’t know whether it’s buns, crunchy beefy griddled patty, or what, but its flavor holds you tight. The buttery taste of cheese is the icing on the cake.
Mark’s Kitchen (Location: Gulberg III)

Mark’s kitchen is marking all the right boxes steadily. This restaurant’s welcoming ambiance and exotic food items bind you to pay more visits. From burgers to shakes, Mark’s kitchen keeps you tempted successfully. The unique sauces, cheesy effects, juicy patties, and the burgers’ eye-catching presentation are incomparable. Its Kentucky burger and juicy lucy burger have become its hallmark.

Howdy Location: (Emporium mall, packages Mall, Mm Alam Road)

The culinary zest of Howdy is out of the ordinary. The quality, taste, and presentation are a package of ultimate delight. Juicy patties and softer buns turn the burgers classic. Try its son of a gun, as it is a perfect feast.

Melt (Location: DHA phase 4)

As the name signifies, the cookery perfection of MELT turns every munch of its savory food meltdown in your mouth. It serves some sapid meals that come with optimum quality. The restaurant maintains its uniqueness with its unbeatable taste in burgers. Try its Classico and Cheetos burgers, and you will love to pay more visits.

Burger Lab (Location: packages mall, Johar town, MM Alam road)

Do you get the feel of burgers when I say “Burger Lab”? Wow, a place that produces extremely tempting burgers. The unique taste it offers remains alluring till the last munch. The special sauce they use is what creates the entire mania. Try burger’s lab quadra and stay jaw-dropped!


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