Best Tea Spot In Lahore

Tea fuels up the energy level and retrieves the dynamism. It is said that tea is the second wildly famous drink globally. The majority of people are addicted to it. It’s not just the alluring taste that drives you crazy, rather tea comes with great health benefits. Here we will not only tell you about the best tea spot in Lahore, rather we will also be unveiling some interesting facts about your favorite drink TEA. 
Some interesting facts about Tea
Ø  Tea comes in great variations and beautiful aromatic flavors. Tea without milk that is called Kehwa is also taken fondly. Especially in the winter season, it is a tradition to sip kehwa as it keeps you warm and active.
Ø  It keeps you hydrated too. A hotter cup of tea makes your nerves relaxed. It lightens up your mood and you feel composed and serene. 
Ø  In England tea is taken as the national drink. 
Ø  According to estimation there are almost three thousand tea variations.
Ø  Black tea is one of the most common types of tea
Ø  In Middle-east tea is the symbol of hospitality, warmth, and get-together. 
Ø  It is one of the most essential items on family occasions. Evening tea is an important ritual often paired with mouth-watering snacks. 

Best tea spot in Lahore
For some years, the trend of grabbing a cup of tea from cafes and snack bars etc. There are so many eateries that adorn their menu with a variety of tea. Let’s take you to one of the best tea spots near you ‘Marks kitchen restaurant’. Here, besides having your desired flavor, you will have an array of lip-smacking snacks to take with your cup of tea.
  • Karak chai
  • Cardamom tea
  • Tea 
Chose your preferred taste and enjoy it with scrumptious snacks like a spring roll, cheese samosa, chicken samosa, and a wide range of fries. 
If you would like to garb something more delightful and mouth-watering then take a look at the tempting menu items of the Marks kitchen. It is the hub of all fast food items; from burgers to wraps, sandwiches to pasta, all are served with hundred percent gourmet food. 
Celebrate the tea tradition with your family and friends at the top-class fast-food restaurant. You will have your tea culture with all the razzle-dazzle of snacks & sides to double up the fun. 
Time to boost up your energy with an aromatic cup of tea!


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