Peeping in for discovering some amazing Chinese cuisines? Welcome to Mark’s kitchen you might have followed the alluring aroma of our restaurant. You have landed in the right place if you are an eager-beaver of flavorsome Chinese meals. Here you will find an array of Chinese dishes that always remain top-notch on the menu. Let’s dig deeper and cherry-pick your desired one. 

Sweet and sour with rice

Mark-s kitchen prepares this super sapid dish by roasting the tiny bites of chicken. They are toasted finely until they turn crispier. Bell peppers and pineapple are added to it so the perfect blend of sweet and sour can be formed. The rest of the magic spell is done by adding red and green bell peppers. Your heart-desired sweet and sour dish is ready, it goes best with steamed rice. The smoky gravy along with the sweet and sour chicken bites will be great to nosh on with rice!

Kung pao chicken

Your taste buds are looking for something twisting so for treating it in the right way Kunch Pao chicken will just be the ticket. It offers a nutty taste and that’s what makes it one of the most demanded Chinese cuisines. Marks kitchen is serving this Sichuan-style dish that offers a unique Chinese taste. Kick of sugariness and saltness with a lighter stroke of peppers make the dish just WOW. 
The tiny chunks of chicken are fried with nuts and then the boneless chicken rest in a silky smooth Chinese sauce. It is served and fondly eaten with rice.

Egg fried rice

Fed up of eating plain rice? Let’s get rid of the boredom and step into Mark’s kitchen to feast yourself with relishing egg-fried rice. This meal is prepared with great love and care by cautiously following a process of stir-frying and Mark’s kitchen does it artfully. For giving you the preferred service high-quality rice is chosen to serve you. Special attention is given to seasonings as it plays an important role. Fewer spices make the bigger taste; pepper, salt, soy sauce are added to it to make it extremely tasty for you. 

Manchurian with rice

Simmering dish of China that is highly loved by a huge majority of people. Marks’ kitchen brings the typical Chinese taste to your plates. The batter-fried chicken and smooth velvety gravy go best with rice. The burst of garlic and soy sauce adds up a great flavor to this sizzling dish. This dish too has a lot to offer, first, the sizzling sound grabs your attention and then the yummy look captures your sight. It is an absolute delight to nosh on this succulent dish. 

Cashew nut chicken with rice

It is yet another popular dish that foodies never miss to point out from the Chinese section. The dish offers a slightly nutty taste because of the addition of cashews. The brown-colored sauce is mild yet its taste is great. 
It will be great for you to try the peculiarity of Mark’s kitchen that is offering a scrumptious Chinese meal. It is actually an Asian and Chinese combo that makes the crunchy and crispier textured dish. 
It also goes best with steamed rice. 

Chicken chow mein

Time to curl up and twist with the mighty size flaky noodles. Kids and bigger kids and even the XXL kids love to eat chicken chow mien. The reason is they are not too spicy that cannot be handled by the kiddos. The mild spicy taste is worshipped by all. Besides long noodles, it has scallion, cabbage, and chicken bites. It is so light and simple to eat yet it is a full-fledged meal that has a tempting taste. This one-pan meal is healthier and infinitely yummy. Enjoy this classic traditional Chinese meal with Mark’s kitchen and make your day.

Fish n chips

A comforting warm meal should always be welcomed. Fill up your plate with a cozier meal from Mark’s kitchen that is presenting crispy fried fish with golden crispy fingers and tasty dip to go with. Don’t hesitate to pick as the fish is absolutely bone-free so no annoyance. We totally understand that fried fish is incomplete without potato fingers. Your favorite lip-smacking fish is served with crunchy fries and this duo goes best with your desired dip. So what’s the hold up for? Time to pull over the fish. 

Hot n sour soup

Mark’s kitchen is inviting to have a classic soup to make you feel warmer. You will find the soup quite peppery as it is made with a perfect balance of seasoning. Its broth is made tangy so it can treat you perfectly. It is relishing because of its ingredients tiny chicken bites, egg ribbons, and carrots. 

Chicken corn soup

Get the ideal amount of warmth from Mark’s kitchen chicken corn soup. You can also call it egg drop soup. Its taste is earthy and appealing that just blows your mind. Don’t run to shop for the ingredients and don’t even think of messing up your kitchen, when we can prepare the magical soup for you with great ease then you don’t have to hassle. Let us serve you a comforting meal that would make you feel vibrant for sure. 

Cream of mushroom

Creamy velvety soup is an absolute treat for your taste buds. It is a simple yet unique type of soup. Cream and mushroom are added to it and there are a few more ingredients that make the cream of mushroom. The broth of this soup is slightly thick and has a rich earthy taste that takes you to a whole new world of exotic flavors. Get yourself the finest treat by Mark’s kitchen cream of mushroom soup; small bites of mushroom swim in the smooth broth and offer a classic taste. 

Bbq wings

Bbq mania will never go out of fashion. It is always in demand no matter what. Whatever the season is bbq wings are always a surefire of delight and zest. Mark’s kitchen has this appetizer with a flavorsome bbq sauce. Bq wings are crunchy from the inside whereas the outer layer is amazingly sticky and sweet. It offers a mild flavor but is rich in taste. The smoky steamy bbq wings are served with a sauce that makes them hotter. 

Buffalo wings

The jaw-dropping buffalo wings are a blend of soft, crunchy tangy flavors. The wings are coated with corn scratch so they can be turned super crispy. They are soaked in a savory batter. The crispy fried buffalo wings are served with your desired buffalo sauce


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