Fruit chat is not less than a main course of Ramadan. After table looks void without the sweet and sour existence of fruit chat. The seasonal fruits are added and the addition of orange juice with chat masala turns the fruit chat so juicy, sweet and tangy.

Not every fruit is welcomed in fruit chat, such as watermelon has, unfortunately, no place in the bowl. Throughout the year the craze and demand for fruit chat are not so high but as soon as the divine Month of Ramadan makes its entry, the foodies start grabbing the fruits for making their iftar sweet and spicy.

The ultimate perk of eating fruit chat is that you tend to nosh on multiple fruits at the same time; whereas it is difficult to eat so many fruits simultaneously.

It is said that fruit chat is the desi version of fruit salad; though I beg to differ. Both have their zest and uniqueness.

Each spoon full of juicy fresh fruits makes you feel revitalizing. Some people may feel tired of having pakoras and fritters till the end of the month, but fruit chat doesn’t lose its charisma till the last day of Ramadan.  Secondly, the nutritional value of fruit chat is undeniable. 

Summer fruit chat is different than winter fruit chat. It’s because of the diverse assortment of seasonal fruits. Personal preference also matters in the selection of fruits.

If you are planning to have a wonderful iftari with super sweet and tasty fruit chat then you must step into the Mark’s Kitchen restaurant; where besides fruit chat you will be served some other tempting items. As for the quality then it is not compromised!

High-quality fruits and other items are presented with great care and love. Rest, you will have a pleasing experience when you will give it a try!!!


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