To all the steak lovers, get a load of it as I have come up with a high-voltage dose of fun regarding your favorite grab-to-eat meal ‘Steak.’ This meal is a piece of meat from a beef cut. This giant piece comes from the back section of an animal. Ages ago, the word Steak was confined to cows, but now fish and poultry also fall in this steak slot. Without further ado, let’s dive into the exciting detail of ‘The fun facts about Steak.’

What is the literal meaning of ‘Steak’?

The actual purpose of Steak is a man on a stick. Moons ago, only beef meat was associated with Steak, but periodically variety comes in. Saxons were the maestros of handling cattle rustling, and this was the origin of ‘steak.’

Steak is a healthy meal.

Steak is a full-fledged meal which is a healthy one. It is an excellent source of protein that benefits our bodies. It is entirely essential nutritious that perks up your health; such as the moderate intake of Steak compensates for the iron deficit in your body. 

The ultra-expensive Steak globally 

Kobe beef is said to be one of the priciest Steak. The cost it makes is around $200 apiece. Whoo!

Who invented Steak?

In Scandinavia, the terminology of Steak made its place. It was almost mid the fifteenth century when this term made rounds. 

The Steak that tastes bad!

The overcooked Steak ruins its taste and obliterates all the nutrition, including sugar and protein. The overcooked Steak is hard to munch and loses its tempting taste. 

The Steak that gives the desired taste

Grilling makes the Steak a heavenly delight for sure. All the professional chefs and top restaurants hold the same opinion that grilling is the best way as it is a slow process that doesn’t damage its taste and hikes up its culinary zeal. 

Different steaks require different heat level.

For different steaks, different intensity of warmth is needed. A thicker piece of Steak needs a lower temperature, and a thin Steak is cooked at a higher temperature. 

The precise temperature for Steak 

The prescribed temperature of steaks is: 

  1. Rare is around 25°F 
  2. Medium rare is 130°F
  3. Medium goes for 145°F
  4. Medium well done is 150°F
  5. Well done goes as 160°F

The most popular steaks

There are many types of finger-licking steaks. As the variety keeps surprising us, chicken and lamb lovers can also have this bliss. Here I have mentioned some of the most delicious steaks, and you have them in the chic ambiance of a classy Gulberg Lahore-Mark’s Kitchen restaurant’.

 Take a look below:

Category: chicken steaks + beef steaks

  1. T-Bone steak
  2. Tenderloin flap steak
  3. Rib-eye Steak
  4. Tarragon chicken steak 

Enjoy the steak mania at your nearest fast-food restaurant and cherish every munch!


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