Food is an inevitable part of our life, it does not just keep us alive rather its existence lends colors to our daily life. Life seems hollow and void without any lip-smacking food. Food doubles up our fun, when we are happy we celebrate it with food, when we want to please someone we entertain them with an excellent feast. The majority of people especially the young ones are crazy about fast food.

Some people eat just to stay alive, others eat to make the best out of the great blessings of nature. Because of the food lovers all around the world, some hilarious things in form of quotes have been formed and penned down that are a great dose of fun.

While eating your favorite fast foods read out these funny quotes about food lovers and have great fun!

Some funny quotes about food lovers

  • My hobby is eating even while I am eating.
  • Don’t call me foodie; call me food explorer.
  • If I were a vacuum cleaner I would have swallowed all the food on the earth.
  • Though my salary doesn’t rise but my calories do.
  • I treat my empty stomach as a battlefield, I let it win anyway.
  • I like some round things, no it’s not the moon, it’s the burger and pizza I am talking about.
  • I eat like I am not going to eat again
  • There is a similarity between me and my favorite wrap, I am warm, soft and tempting.
  • My entire life is one big mac.
  • Fast food restaurants are an open invitation of harassment, how come you want us to be moderate when all the fast food items are hell inviting.
  • I love the warmth of a pizza box on me
  • According to me a balanced diet means a chicken piece in both hands.


How foodie are you? Approach your nearer branch of the Mark’s Kitchen and feast yourself with your desired fast food till then, enjoy the dose of excitement with these quotes.


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