Today we will talk about one of the most delectable snacks, ‘FRITTERS.’ This deep-fried heaven can be prepared on the go. 

A simpler yet tastier snack, ‘Fritter’ is eaten with great zeal across the globe. In some Asian countries, fritters are called ‘Pakoras.’ There is no precise time to grab this ever-relishing snack; you can have it anytime. The tangy snack cheers you up whether you take it as an evening snack or a daytime must-have fritter. 

Let’s not beat about the bush anymore and jump into the worth-drooling and piping hot top 8 types of most-delicious pakoras you should try:

  1. Cabbage Fritters 

Cabbage fritters are insanely tasty and extraordinarily crunchy. Cabbage flaps are nicely shredded, and the batter is prepared; then, add green chili paste and chopped onions. Now it’s time to add all the pakora spices. Enjoy the tasty cabbage munch with mint sauce. 

  • Onion Fritters 

Onion pakoras are the love of street food lovers as they are simple and quick snacks that you can prepare with fewer ingredients. Take the thin slice of onions and wrap it up in batter; add red chili powder and salt as per your taste. Deep fry them until onion fritters turn crispy golden. 

  • Bread Fritters

Bread fritters are the best when it comes to kids’ lunchtime. All you have to do is to take a bread slice after removing the crust. Now for four squares, cut the slices. You can add a thin slice of potato between the two portions. Let the square piece of portion undergo the coating. Now deep fry them and enjoy the sapid-filling snack. 

  • Cheese Fritter

Cheese fritters come with exceptional taste because of the cheese twist. So when it comes to deliciousness, cheese pakoras are one step ahead of others. Its primary and essential ingredient is mozzarella cheese. Add the cheese in batter (gram flour), deep fry the cheese fritters on a medium-high flame, and let the cheese melt down in a preferred way. It is best served with chili sauce. 

  • Potato (Aalu) Fritters 

Prepare the gram flour batter from a thin slice of potatoes and add pakora spices; deep fry the coated potatoes in bubbling oil. You can enjoy them with tomato ketchup. 

  • Green chili Fritters

To prepare chilly green fritters, you must take giant green chili. Now slit open the chili from the center and deseed it slightly. Fill the gap with batter and deep fry them. The mild spicy taste with tomato ketchup will be the ultimate treat. 

  • Palak Fritters

There are two ways of making palak fritters, and you can opt for chopped palak, take a whole spinach leaf, prepare the gram flour batter and add the pakora spices to it. Take one palak-pata, wrap it, dip it in a batter, and deep fry it. As for the chopped spinach leaves, you can add sliced onions and deep fry them with batter coating. Treat your taste buds with super crunchy spinach fritters with mint sauce. 

  • Vegetable Fritters 

Vegetable pakora is equally loved by the non-veggie too. It’s a flavorsome potpourri prepared with mixed veggies like onions, icebergs, capsicum, carrot potato, and even spinach leaves. A gram flour batter with pakora spices, especially the garam masala, is a must-have. Deep fry the tastier veggie munch with great zeal and zest. 

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