Types of sandwiches 
The delicious journey of sandwiches comes a long way and is still on a run and welcomed by foodies. People of all age groups tend to nosh it on. Sandwiches adorn the table for lunch, brunch, and dinner. Globally sandwiches come in great variety and offer a mega deal of taste.

Here we have assembled types of sandwiches, take a look below and cherry-pick the best sandwich you would like too much.

Types of sandwiches 
Olive sandwiches           
Olive sandwiches are full of taste. Their nutritional value is also high. Besides adding fewer olives to the bed of bread, some vegetables and a slice of cheese are added too. The ingredients of olive sandwiches cause an explosion of taste in your mouth. 


Burrito is a love of the modern age; it is a wrapped sandwich. It is made up of a flour tortilla, the thin sheet holds beans and meat in it. Tortilla is grilled lightly. It’s easy on the go and fun to eat. 

Egg Salad Sandwich: 
Egg salad sandwiches are usually taken with evening tea time. The slices of the bread contain boiled egg, diced nicely; mayonnaise, chopped parsley, and onions. For adding up spice only salt and crushed black peppers will be added.

French Sandwich: 

The French sandwich is simple yet tastier. It has a thin slice of bread that is shaped and cut by a French loaf. Filling based on personal preference is filled.

Club Sandwich: 

The club sandwich is an all-time favorite, the sizzling sandwich is prepared with buttered slices. Chicken is cut into slices and it is kept on the buttered slice, along with it, egg lettuce, mayonnaise, and grilled tomato bacon are placed. The other slice that is not buttered is placed on top.  

Regular closed sandwich: 

It is a simple conventional sandwich that consists of two toasts and a filling of your choice. Usually, the crust is not removed.

Tuna Sandwich: 

Canned tuna is the major ingredient that makes the whole taste in a sandwich. Mayonnaise and onion are spread on toast and here is your tuna sandwich is ready to munch.

Cold Sandwich: 

For the preparation of cold sandwiches, the cold filling is spread on one of the slices of bread and another one is kept on the top. 

Panini Sandwich: 

Ciabatta is an Italian bread; for preparing a Panini sandwich ciabatta offers a great taste. Before serving you can grill it lightly if you want.


Inhabitants of middle-east fondly and widely eat shawarma. It has many types. Large size of meat is loaded up in a cone-like form. It keeps rotating slowly and gets roasted vertically.

Double Decker Sandwich:
 For foodies, who like bigger bites and love eating sandwiches, this Double Decker sandwich will be just the ticket for you. The filling is kept on top. Bread is buttered. The rest of the ingredients are tomato slices, lettuce, and cucumber.

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